Helping our Neighbor
Tim Sanders


On Saturday morning May 8th representatives from four churches in the county gathered at Madison First United Methodist Church to help a resident in need of a ramp who lives just blocks from the church. Under the guidance of contractor Walter Jarvis, a very functional, and one might say well-built, wheel chair ramp was completed by a “missions team” from Fellowship Baptist, Pineland Missionary Baptist, Pinetta Baptist, and First United Methodist. While the building project was the focus, the fellowship and good fun was an added blessing in doing for others. 
Using our church’s funding for Local Missions, we hope to perform more worthy projects in the near future. If you are interested in helping in any way, please let the church office know. Certainly being a carpenter is not a requirement. As you can see from those pictured, most of these folks can best be described as “not a carpenter at all”.
Pictured left to right are Shelby Day, Sam McGhee, Doug Brown, Tom Waddail, Phillip Roberts, Willie Branom, Walter Jarvis, Alfred Martin, and homeowner Yvonne Brown. Not pictured is Tim Sanders.
You are invited to view more photos of this special event in the "PHOTOS" section of this Website. 
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  May 2017  
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