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McCoy Anderson (North FL Regional Hospital)            Keith Mosier (Beanie’s son-in-law)        

Jennifer Argenbright (Brynwood Nursing Home)        Jessica Mullinax

Ned Bailey (Linda Hardester’s brother)                          (Shepherd Ctr Atlanta, GA)                          

Roger Bailey (Linda Hardester’s brother)                       Nida Norfleet (at home)

Ethel Barefoot                                                                      Ashley Norman (Lynne King’s friend)            

Joey Blazina (Bo Strickland’s cousin)                               Pam O’Toole         

The Family of Georgia Braswell                                        Hayden Pleasant (15 mo. old)     

Frances Brinson                                                                    Jeanette Purser (Linda Gaston’s mother)              

Buck Brown (Deborah’s husband)                                     Jerry Ray (Hilda Dixon’s friend)                  

Brian Carter                                                                            John Ryan

Maria Studebaker-Coppage                                               Keith Ruff 

Edith Cottrill (Chan Rains’ cousin’s wife)                          Terri Rykard

Ben Damon (Barnhart’s friend)                                           Beanie Searcy (Madison Hospital-Rm 214)       

Archie Davis                                                                            Sally Schoelles

Ted Daywalt (Shands-Gainesville)                                      Kathleen Shaw  (at home)        

(Alston Kelley’s friend)                                                          Dale Sowell

Roshanda Denson (Lynne King’s co-worker)                    Bob Stores (Mandy Stores’ father)    

Michelle Fall (Terry’s daughter-in-law)                              Dianne Sullivan            

Terry Fall                                                                                  The Family of David Ricky Taylor

Wanda Fortune (Kelleys’ friend)                                          Reese Thomas    

Marco Gamble (Chan Rain’s friend)                                    Donald & James Voss  

Annette Gibb (Jessica Lowe’s friend’s mother)               (Tammy’s father-in-law & husband)   

Freda Halley (Pastor Michael’s wife)                                   Bob Walker                              

Gene Hanners (Tallahassee Memorial)                               Alfred Welch (at home)             

George Hardester (Bob’s brother)                                       Andy Welch (Linda Hardester’s cousin)

Sheriff David Hobbs (Vivian Albritton’s friend)                 The Family of Dale Wells                      

Holton Jones (5 yrs. old)                                                        Terry Wells                                          

Katelyn King                                                                             The Family of Jasper Cecil Williamson

Sarah Kuhl (Rev. Charlie Peck’s granddaughter)              Eutah Wood (Glen King’s mother)         

Fiorella Landa (Alexis Sowell’s friend)                                 Law Enforcement & First Responders           

Caridad Martinez (Jackie King’s grandmother)                 Our Military & Nation   

Griffin McGough (Centre Pointe Rehab)                                                                         

(Dale Sowell’s cousin)                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


The names in bold have been added or had changes this week.

  March 2017  
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